Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yay!!! The Perfect Poison is Up!!!!

 I received my package from Annie Rodrigue (Moonlight Whispers) the other day!! I was so excited!!! The Perfect Poison is my absolute favourite piece of hers (has nothing to do with the fact that I went to University for Chemistry (: ) I think most of you are familiar with the images Annie creates for Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps, they are always so amazing!! (Thanks Kimmie for finding Annie and introducing so many of us to her work (: )

I finally got Lee to help me put it up tonight. I had to get him to take down the shelf that the baskets were on and with it came a few chunks of paint ): I managed to cover some of the wholes with the scroll but I'll have to figure something out for the other spots ):

These pictures were taken tonight so hopefully they do it justice!!

I added the last one just so you could get an idea of how big it is. Annie also has Red Riding Hood in the same size (27x18.5") and Night Wish which is almost double in size (42x33")

Have a great week!!!


  1. Oh, she is CUTE!!! And yet she looks so evil too! What a great combo! They need to do a boy version for Nolan, ha! Your room is looking so great, it should be so inspiring to be in a great space!

  2. At long last. I'm sure you will feel inspired everytime you look at that evil face! Isn't it nice to have your own space? I know I love mine!

  3. Oh it's beautiful. Looks fab on that wall.

  4. EEEK!!! I LOVE it Jenn! So cool! It looks great in your new space!!