Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scrap Room Take 2

 So my husband saw me taking pics of my room and says "what, are you competing with the other girls for who has the better room?". I told him "no, we just like to see what other people's rooms look like and how they organize their stuff, just like you like looking at snowmachines and boats!!). He thought I was a bit nuts but anyway?!

 I'm still not done my room, I still have lots of organizing and decorating left to do, but it has come a ways since the last time I posted pics. I'm also posting these for the H2H Challenge - From Your Heart to Ours (Organization). There are some really great rooms/ideas linked up, so if you're looking for some ideas you should check them out. There is everything from small areas to full rooms!!

 I just ordered a wall scroll of Annie Rodrigue's Perfect Poison!!! I can't wait for it to get here!!! I absolutely love her work and the images she creates for Kraftin' Kimmie's stamps!! It will go perfectly with my green walls (: Once I figure out where I will put it, I will try to get to decorating. I would really like to go to Ikea for a few things but that will have to wait for a trip down south.

Anyway, her are a few more pics. I took a few close ups of things too.

This is the view from the door. I got some money for my birthday so I bought myself the carousel from Michaels (to hold all my little tools), and the stool from Canadian Tire.

This is beside the door. All of my cubes from Michaels. I have my paper organized by company on the shelves (2 or 3 are CTMH). I wasn't sure what to do with my old half used CTMH paper packs but I finally decided to take them out of the bags. I put the full sheets or almost full sheets in the filing drawer cube and the scraps went in one of the Iris containers (I have one for CTMH scraps and one for non CTMH scraps)
The drawers hold glitter/embossing powders & accessories, stickers, chipboard, 6x6 paper pads, border punches, inks (retired CTMH and other companies), I-Top & accessories...

 I picked this up at Michaels too. I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it but I think it should work with the new shape of SU punches.

 This is the far wall. It still needs some work, but I'm thinking this might be where the wall scroll will go. I would also either like to get one of those great expedit shelves from Ikea or a work table for the kids to put under the shelf. I had to put it up high enough that I wasn't banging my head off of it when I was working at my counter.
 The baskets on the shelf hold some of my CTMH stamps. The drawers below I got from Costco, and it holds all of my scrap cs, organized by colour (Azelyn helped me sort through them all one day). My cuttlebug plates are in the bottom drawer.

 Inside one of the baskets on the shelf.

My non CTMH stamps, all in SU DVD cases. Two rows fit perfectly in the bottom drawer of the cupboards. Another drawer holds my cricut cartridges.

This one holds my copics and my CTMH cases (blocks and embellishments)

My spellbinders in a little album from Walmart. I didn't attach the magnetic sheets to the paper so they are easier to slide out.

The other corner (you'll notice I didn't get the bottom cupboard in the pic, it's a bit of a disaster area still ):
I have my older SU punches on a bar from Ikea, the brown baskets hold ribbon. My brother made me the wooden shelf years ago and Lee just added a dowel through for ribbon. I have all of my ink pads, markers, reinkers, stickles and smooch on my CTMH ink tower. The little wire baskets hold my cuttlebug folders, flowers, and bling (:

 When I finally get to Ikea I am going to buy magnetic sheets to put on the brown side of the upper cupboard.

A close up of my pretty Prima tins (:

Well that's it for now. Once I have it decorated I will add a couple of more pics.



  1. It's looking fabulous! I know I wish we were closer to Ikea! I just finished putting a couple strip shelves up in my scrap space (got sick of asking Jason to do it!) and I think they look pretty good, but the rest of the space still looks like a bomb went off! I meant to tell you how I organize my scraps last time- I used to keep them organized by colour and size in bags, but I'm getting away from that now. I have one of those little sets of wooden drawers from Ikea, and I keep small scraps in one of the small drawers and big scraps in one of the big drawers. My CTMH scraps I keep together in the bag by paper pack until it is all just scraps, then I throw 'em into the drawer. Don't know if that helps at all, but I sure like that wooden drawer set. Next time I hit Ikea, I'll definitely be getting another!

  2. Great room! I really like how bright and cheery it looks. Nothing like having your own space. You seem to have a good system of organization - although you'll likely end up rearranging a bit once you actually get creating and learn the room's flow! I still keep rearranging mine, then forget where I stored things! Have fun.

  3. Jenn, your pear green room rocks! Looks like it's shaping up nicely. I love that you face the window when you create - I really need the light & the view when I work, too. Thanks for sharing it with us this week at H2H :o)

  4. Great space, I love your set up...

  5. I too love the pear green, it looks like such an inviting space to scrap. Wonderful!

  6. Jenn it looks awesome. It is so well organized and pretty. It looks like the perfect room to craft in. Way to go!

  7. I would love to scrap there! Looks great Jenn

  8. Wow! What an awesome space! The color on your walls is beautiful! It is very cheery! I had to laugh at your comment to you hubby about him looking at snowmachines and boats, because I often look over to see what my hubby is doing on his computer and a majority of the time he is looking at boats! Has your hubby checked out It's one my hubby's favorite sites. LOL! Thanks so much for sharing your space with us this week at H2H! *Ü*

  9. Your room looks great! Everything seems to be within reach, and you have a great window for light. I really like the heavy duty countertop you have to work on, my folding tables are so flimsy... Thank you for sharing your space with us this week at H2H!

  10. Oh Jenn! It looks amazing!!! I'm green with envy!!! I love how everything looks so organized, neat and tidy! You did a fabulous job!

  11. What a great space, I love your wall color. It certainly looks like everything has a spot. Thanks for sharing your space with us!

  12. Hi Jenn!
    You HAVE been busy! Everything seems to have a home. I can't wait to see a picture of the little corner after you organize it. Thanks for sharing again with H2H!!

  13. Very pretty room. I like how you have your punches organized.

  14. Oh your room is fabulous, Jenn! I really enjoyed reading about ll your organizational tips...I am going to get an album like you have for your Nesties. I have several metal tins for some but ran out so I have a bunch more all thrown into one container and they all get mixed up and I spend so much time riffling though it trying to find the one I am looking for! This is my project for the week...thanks so much for the great idea! Love your room and can't wait to see a pic with your Annie print up!