Friday, January 21, 2011

Thanks Nise!!!

 Just before Christmas I decided to buy my hubby the big screen TV he has been wanting for years (yeah I know!! think of all the scrapbooking supplies you could buy with that amount of money!!). At first I was looking at 46" LCD TVs but when I went in I changed my mind and got him a 50" plasma. Well all I had for a vehicle that day was my Intrepid. We tried to get it in the backseat but it was about 2" too big (which means if I had went with the 46 it would have fit!!) So, I figured I would be brave and while Lee was at work the next day I would drive his truck, which has horrible steering!! So what does he do that night? He loads up all of the garbage from our deck (from the renos) that has been sitting there for a good week or so!!!! There goes the truck idea! Anyway, I called my Aunt Denise about something else, and while I was talking to her told her about the TV situation. She offered to drive the 45 minutes to my place and then another 30-40 into Sudbury with me in her van to get the TV for Lee!!!! She's the type of person that would give you the shirt off her back if you asked for it (:
So long story short, this is a card for her to thank her for going soooooooo out of her way for us!! She is a sweetheart!

 I'm entering this in If The Shoe Fits... inspiration challenge (carnations). (Which I missed, so never mind ): I have the same problem as you Rox!!!)

The stamp is Ladybug Nora by CC Designs, butterflies, dp and cs are CTMH, ribbon and letters is from my stash. I used my nesties, copics and momento ink.

When I first coloured Nora, I added brown to the freckles, I went back later that evening and thought they looked funny so I decided to try and lighten them a bit. I ended up using the wrong copic and Nora is now very tanned!!! ): Oops!!!!


  1. I love that gathered pink ribbon, layered over the white. Your Aunt is going to love the card!

  2. Hi jenn! I am so sorry you did not make the deadline, I also missed one last night with D2D, lol. But I do love your card and hope you check back later on for the new challenge! Look forward to seeing you around!

    -Tanisha (iftheshoefits)

  3. Aaah, Jenn, you make me laugh!!! Yeah, we both can be pretty bad with the deadlines, and I'm going back to work in a bit, so I think it will probably get worse - ACK!!! How's the TV working for ya, did he totally love it??? My mom was gonna buy us a TV for Christmas, but she couldn't find one that you could plug rabbit ears into, ha! We make jokes all the time about our 27" 15 year-old TV with peasant vision. Whenever Jason and Nolan stay in a hotel for a hockey tourney, they're all about the cable!

    Love the tan on your little girlie, it looks awesome! Sometimes mistakes make the end product better. Also lovin' the ribbon down the bottom! Just a beautiful card, your aunt is a lucky lady, but then again, you're lucky to have such a lovely auntie! Hugs, Rox.

  4. absolutely adorable! that image is so much fun! Sorry you missed the deadline but so glad you left us a map to your blog! Hope to see you again over at the Shoe (new challenge up every Friday!). Hugs!

  5. I love it. I don't think she looks too dark or too tanned. It is a beautiful card. I love the ribbon, the lace and your colouring is just fab! Good job!

  6. Such a cutie, Thank you for sharing - I really love the look of the colored in stamps.

  7. Wow Jenn! Sorry I've been MIA from your blog! I just went through everything and got caught up! You've certainly been busy! All your work is incredible! I bet you'll be just a whippin out those projects now in your new room!