Friday, January 14, 2011

My Excuse?? ):

 I really haven't done much crafting the last couple of months, and I'm starting to run out of excuses (: but here are some pics of the before and after in our hallway and bathroom. The kitchen floor and walls are the same as the hall, but it's never been neat enough to take a pic to post ): We just finished it up before Christmas. We still have trim here and there to add but.... The next job is finishing up the basement (only the kids bedroom half got painted!!) and entrance way.

The only before pics I have of the bathroom are during renos (explanation for toilet in bathtub!!).
We redid our roof this fall and took the old falling apart chimney out. Of course it had to be going through the bathroom, so that meant the bathroom had to be redone too (drywall, floor...) I had picked up some things for a second bathroom because I had hoped we would be able to put on an addition in the next couple of years but since that won't be happening (no money left after supporting my scrapping habit!! lol) we figured we might as well put those things (sink, toilet, cabinet) into the existing bathroom. The walls are painted a very light grey.
 I love having a "grown up" bathroom but my kids think it's BORING (we usually have Spongebob or bright fishy shower curtains).
 We ended up having to redo the tub surround too, and tiling up above it because the new surrounds are shorter than the old one we had. It seemed like one little job always turned into a bigger job but we love the results!!
 The colour we used in the hallway and kitchen is called Chocolate Cherry!!! It just sounded so yummy and went really well with the new floor.

So my plan this weekend is to stay off of the computer and get crafting so hopefully I will have a card or layout to post by Monday!!! My new CTMH stuff is here from the Inspirations Brochure and I can't wait to play!!!!!


  1. Wow, what a ton of work Jenn! The results are beautiful though....what a great way to start the year - a fresh look to your home!

  2. That is a ton of work, but it looks fabulous! I'm loving the cool bathroom and the chocolate cherry walls, yum! "We" (meaning we paid, and a contractor built!) put in a wall to separate our extra living room into a bedroom for Ailis, and even though all we really did was paint, it felt like a big deal. I still need to put a rod in the closet, paint trim, put the closet doors up... It never ends, does it? Anyway, it's a pretty good excuse you have, but now I want to see what you can do with your new stuff!!! Love the new blog background, and looks like we have some new challengers, so I'll have to link 'em up. Hugs, Roxy!

  3. Wow! You've certainly been busy! I love the look of your new bathroom! It's beautiful!