Thursday, December 29, 2011


 I just realized I have a bunch of layouts I finished in October that I still haven't posted!! I need to get them in before Sunday, I guess!!
 I've been busy trying to organize my house a bit and get my scrap room back to myself! My sweet hubby gave me a new laptop for Christmas so I have been able to reclaim the counter space that was taken up by the old one (which had to be set up as a desktop because the screen went, a year ago)!! Talk about excitement!!!
 Anyway, this layout was inspired by one I saw in Scrapbooks, etc, (whatever issue would have been mailed in October). The pictures are of my oldest, Codie, playing football for his high school team. It only lasted a few weeks before he decided football wasn't his thing. He had actually been "convinced" by his very angry mother that he should give it a try (long story!! let's just say he told the VP he had too many chores at home and so he wouldn't be able to stay for practices and games) for the spring and then it would be up to him if he played in the fall.
 I used a mish mash of paper (basic grey, CTMH, Karen Foster..) on this one and all of the stitching was done with the help of my Sew Easy, if you notice there isn't as much stitching on the second page (:
 The letters were cut out with the cricut and the stamp is CTMH.

 These make 66/78 pages complete, more to come tomorrow!!


  1. I love this layout, the balance of the big photo with the smaller ones, and the bright colours with black and kraft - awesome!!! I've been wondering how to scrap Nolan's soccer pics for this year, because he kind of did the same thing, played in the spring, then not in the fall. I wanted him to at least end the season as to not let the team down, but he got kicked out of hockey school a couple of weeks before (long, not happy story!) and didn't want to push the issue. But I did get some good photos, so I should probably make a page anyway. The not so happy stories need to be told too, right?

    Anyway, glad you got your space back! And what a nice gift, you'll be blogging up a storm now, eh? Hugs, Roxy.

  2. Ah, the days of the Hawks - I remember them - vaguely albeit, but a memory nonetheless! Very nice layout and as usual excellent photography! Enjoy your new laptop -- heaven knows they're a lot less space-invasive! Looking forward to your other October posts!