Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Princess

 These pictures likely aren't what you were expecting but I just thought it would be so much fun to use them (: When I showed these pages to Kieran he thought they were pretty funny!
 I started this layout at a crop I went to yesterday but I had to finish them at home this morning because I didn't realize I needed my liquid applique to do all of the cute little dots. This is CTMH's Sweetheart WOTG. The kits come with everything you need to make 4 pages and 6 cards (other than your inks and blocks) and they are perfect for day crops when you don't want to overpack. I think this was the lightest I've ever traveled to a crop (:
 All products used are CTMH. I had to adjust a few things to make it work for my pics but other than a few paper size changes I followed the instructions in the guide.

 Enjoy Dana (: I posted this one right away just for you!!

29/52 pages complete


  1. He's adorable, and so is your layout! I had to laugh about your paper trimmer, I lost my blade once and it was soooooo hard to get anything done! And I'm sooooo sorry about the veal, but when I ordered it, for some reason I thought veal was lamb (what a hick am I?) Then Jason explained to me what they do with the poor baby cows, and I felt pretty bad. That will definitely be the last time I eat that! Seriously, though, loving the pinks and banners on this layout, just GORGEOUS!!!

  2. I love it! This is one of my favorite wotg's from this cattie! I have pictures of my son that look almost identical, his cousin dressed him up :) I love doing girlie pages for the boys!!!

  3. Very, very cute -- and they will be extremely useful for blackmail when he's an unruly teenager! The layout is very cute --- as always, makes me wish I were a scrapper!

  4. OMG!!! To stinkin' cute! Yes, this is definitely blackmail material! Make sure you hide this when he gets older so it doesn't disappear! I just love it Jenn! Great double pager!

  5. LOL, this is too cute! I love how you think outside the box - I would not have thought to use this paper for boy pictures, but it works because to the story being told with the photos! Beautiful!