Thursday, September 13, 2012

Splash Zone

This is layout # 2 from the Footloose WOTG. The pics are from a few summers ago. My Aunt & Uncle came out to my parents' place and took the kids out on the tube. Azelyn was still only a little fart but she was bound and determined she was going too!!! We sent her out when her Daddy wasn't around to see her go (: He's a little overprotective sometimes!! Even our little chicken, Kieran, went out!!
(just looked and realized Azelyn isn't in any of these pics but she was there)

 I love how the letters for the title turned out!!! I stamped them in the lighter colour ink and then used the rock and roll technique to get the darker colour on the outside.

 So Azelyn is now in her new room!! She's still not sure about sleeping by herself (her and the boys have always shared a room)
 After a bit of a battle with the hubby I think I won (: As we were taking everything out of my scrap room he was going to throw out the part of my counter top I wasn't going to have room for in my space downstairs. I asked him if he could put it in his garage (20x24) until I could find somewhere else to use it. He had a bit of a fit about everybody else's junk being in his garage and said it could go in the shed. I was ticked!! and PMSing!!! I'm giving up my one space that is mine!! and I can't put a little piece of counter top in his huge garage!!! So, the next day when I finished clearing out the room I loaded everything into the living room and kitchen and left it there (: I was going out before he got home from work so when he got home he had a nice little surprise (: You want to be a jerk to your PMSing wife, you're going to pay for it (:  You'll never guess where the rest of the cupboards and counter top ended up!!! Instead of one little piece of counter top in his garage he has cupboards, a desk and the rest of the counter top in there.
 My dad came and helped us put the wall up in the basement on Sunday, he also added a few plug ins for me (: Lee had Monday off so he got the drywall up and built my closet for me. We just have to finish sanding the drywall and then I can paint and move in!!!! I am so anxious to get my own space again!!!!
 Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!! I'm going to see that cutie Dean Brody in concert on Saturday!!!

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  1. MEN!! We all have 'em (mostly) and can all feel your pain! Good luck on getting back into your own space. On another topic though, great layout -- looks very fun and summer -- simple and sweet! You should read Suzanne Dean's blog of today and see how she feels about her husband right now. It's hilarious!!

  2. Great layouts Jenn!!! My favorite was the echo park layout...those colours are fabulous!!!! I had to laugh to myself reading back through your gave up your space so your daughter so she could have a bedroom. We had to tear apart my room to support the basement walls. So I used that excuse to kick my kids out of the bigger space and use it for my craft space and gave them the smaller room. You are a great mom... me not so much lol!!!! I'm glad your hubby took the hint and you have a space for yourself again. I know how much I missed mine!!! Hope you had a great summer!!!

  3. I read this post the other night and completely cracked up!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets bitchy with the hubby! So glad you won your battle, you totally deserve your own space, hugs, Roxy. PS - love the layout, too!