Sunday, May 6, 2012


Wow!!! I didn't realize until yesterday that it has been a month since my last post!!!
 It has been a crazy month!! I started at a new school just after the March Break and while there I was shuffled between two jobs. I was just starting to feel settled in at work when THE COLD (fever, headache, which then turned into a sore throat, followed by a bad, pesky cough!!) hit our house. Then last Friday the invertor went in my new laptop and it had to be sent into the shop!!!
 I have been doing a bit of scrapbooking so I have had some layouts to show you, it was just a matter of getting some pics taken.
 This layout is the companion to the Captain America layout I did of Kieran a while ago. It is the second layout from the Superhero WOTG from CTMH. I changed it up a wee bit but it is pretty close to the original. The pics are of Kieran and his little buddy back at camp a couple of summers ago. His friends mom had painted their faces like Spiderman!! They were so happy and excited!!
 I don't know about you but when I'm scrapbooking and can't remember when the pic is from, I usually look at what the kids are wearing to help me. But this doesn't work so well with Kieran!! He doesn't grow very fast and so he wears the same clothes for a couple of years. For example, the shirt he is wearing in these pics, I just took it out of storage for him to wear again this summer!!!

I had to share the next picture with you!!! After a couple of years with no dishwasher and having to nag my teenager to do the dishes, we finally got a new one!!! I had plans of just going and getting the one that was on sale but nothing can ever be that simple!!! After going between 3 stores we ended up with a more top of the line/expensive one. Lee decided that because we have hard water we needed one that had stainless steel inside, and guess what!!? Only a few dishwashers have that option!! So instead of coming home with it that day like planned we had to wait a few days for it to come in. When it did come in, we got it all unwrapped and ready to go. When we went to put it in the hole that was there from the last one, it was TOO TALL!!! Lee wasn't sure how he was going to trim the bottom of the cupboard because he didn't have the right kind of saw. I jokingly said, " why don't you just go and get the chainsaw?!" (that is what he used to cut some of the floor out of the camper when we were fixing it up so I was teasing him)
Can you say REDNECK!!!? We had all of the windows and doors open to let the smell out. MEN!!!

13/78 pages complete and posted!!


  1. I love that layout!!! Super adorable!! My kids never want their faced painted :( The superhero paper is my favorite from this catty.

    I love the chainsaw!! Something my husband would do for sure lol!

  2. Haha, your dishwasher story is funny! That's totally something Jason would do too, he loves his chainsaw! In fact, when our place was broken into years ago, that was one of the things stolen and one of the first things replaced with the insurance money (weird thing to steal, eh?) Love your layout too, the boys look really authentic!!! Nolan's into the phase where he wears the same clothes over and over, it's pretty gross! Do your boys do that? Anyway, glad to hear you're getting settled in at your new school - will you be there in September, too? That was the worst thing about working for the school district for me, getting bumped around and not knowing where I was going to end up. Well, must go supervise the toddler, chat soon, hugs, Roxy.

  3. Hey Jenn, great layout. I think that next to duct tape a chainsaw is the one tool a man cannot live! Glad to hear you're working again.

  4. Ah men - you gotta love em -- or become an alcoholic trying to forget! At least he was willing to work at it the same day, unlike my husband, who's motto I'm sure is "LATER"! I love the scrapbook page -- your children are so photogenic - these will make great memories for them. And, don't you hate those creative mothers who not only have the stuff to do the face-painting, but actually do a great job as do you spell inadequate!?!

  5. Love your Superhero layout - this paper makes me wish I hadn't already scrapbooked my kids pix from when they were young. Will have to wait for some grandson pix! Hope the dishwasher is installed and working well....I wouldn't even let my husband touch a chainsaw...he's too accident prone!