Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Challenge!!

Happy New Year!!!
 Cheers!! I apologize for the half naked kids!! We spent the night at home, drinking Shirley Temples, making pizza, eating treats and watching movies!! All 3 kids stayed up till the New Year (: Codie was out with friends.

 I was supposed to go and visit with friends and family today but the weather isn't looking so great (between rain and snow!) so we're at home instead. It has given me a chance to peruse the new CTMH Idea Book and make my wish list (:
 Lee is gone fishing, so in between blogging and shopping, I've been breaking up fights!! Aidan is getting restless and bugging the other two, so today would have been a good day to go somewhere and be with different people!! I keep threatening to throw them outside if they don't cut it out (:


I am starting my new challenge for 2012 (even though I'm not done posting 2011) So who is in for the new year!!! You can challenge yourself to cards, layouts/pages... and the rest of us will be there to comment encourage you (:
I am going to challenge myself to 78 pages, 12 fancy cards and 30 "quick" Christmas cards (maybe if I start them now I might be done by next December!!)
Let me know if you are in and I will add you to my side bar (:




  1. Bahaha, love the pic, they are too funny! Did you end up kicking them to the curb? Sounds like you had a fun time, we were very subdued and quiet, but miraculously Jason and I stayed up until midnight! It will definitely be an earlier night tonight! Well, I'm definitely in on the challenge, I just have to figure out my numbers. I like your idea of separating fancy cards from Christmas cards, I might do that too. Well, I'm going to see if I can get a bit more done on my DD before I hit the hay. Happy New Year, my friend!

  2. I love the pic!!! My youngest was born on NYE and my niece was born Dec 29 so we combined their parties (they are 2 and 3) and hung out for the evening. The "babies" crashed before midnight but the other 4 managed to make it for midnight. It was a lot of fun!!!

    I am in for your challenge...I sure hope I can finish posting for lasts years :) My goal is post more regularly so I'm not doing 12 layouts at the end lol!!! I am going to shoot for 52 layouts again this year and I think I am also going to try the 30 Christmas cards. Instead of fancy cards I will also try 12 altered projects.

    Happy New Years!!!

  3. Count me in too! I would like to get 52 layouts done and 100 cards:)

  4. Okay, I accept your challenge --- I think this year I can safely commit to doing 120 cards - not including Christmas Cards --- in fact, I had an order for 50 shower invitations that I've just completed (which is why I didn't get your birthday card done in time) -- so I'm almost half-way there!!