Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Cupboards Are In!!!!!

 Lee and I cut the counter top yesterday, to get rid of the hole from the sink. There are little lines where we cut, but I think we did a pretty good job. Then while I was at a birthday party today with the kids my wonderfully sweet hubby put the cupboards in and the counter top on (:
 I took these pics before I started moving ALL of my stuff in. You don't realize just how much you have until you have to lug it up the stairs and find a place for it!! It will definitely take me a few days to get unpacked and put everything in its place (and I just found out I will be working -replacing a teacher who was unlucky enough to get Mono- until Christmas, so it may take a bit more than a few)  but I will take more pics once I've unpacked and decorated a bit.

Have a fabulous week everyone!!


  1. Oh Jenn, it's fabulous! Looks a bit like my space...but with green walls! I love it! Definitely enough space for me at that counter...can't wait until June when I can come and see it in person.

  2. Oh wow, I would LOOOVE to have a craft room like that!!! What a gorgeous space to have to craft in!!!! LOVE that great colour on the walls! Hey I saw you won some stamps from SGD!!! Congrats! I'm sure you'll have just the perfect spot for them in that awesome room when its all finished!
    Hugs, Krista

  3. Hey, Jenn, I meant to write you ages ago to say that this room is looking fantastic! Are you in there yet? How do the kids like the new arrangement? Thanks for all your comments on my blog, you always make me giggle! You're the best!!!

  4. Wow! Now all you have to do is unpack and sort! Merry Christmas. Hopefully you'll have time to actually do some crafting too!

  5. Hey Jenn...have you settled in yet? I love your cupboard idea; I may have to 'borrow' it. And the green is fantastic! Thank you for posting your great comments on my blog! I hope you and your family have had a wonderful Christmas and all the very vest in 2011! I look forward to some pictures of your completed, moved it, settled brand new scrapbook room!