Thursday, June 16, 2011

Live Today & Fun

 I have had some of my CTMH WOTG layouts done for awhile and have just finally got around to taking some pics. These are the layouts for the Lucky workshop. I absolutely love this paper, I think it goes with just about any pics. All products used are CTMH. The stamp used on the titles is Rustic Alphabet. I realized after taking the pictures of the layouts that I forgot to journal first ): I will be sure to add it before putting them in the album.

 The pics are of my oldest who is 16, with his baby sister who is 4. (my biggest baby and my smallest baby)
They usually get along OK, but lately Codie has been getting fed up with "the princess" always getting her way (when Daddy's around) or sucking when she doesn't (when Daddy's not around). The day these pics were taken though, they were having a good time together. Codie was being a nice big brother taking his sister for a quad ride, and Azelyn was being a little goofball (: You likely can't see it but in one of the small pics she was trying to lick him! My favourite pics are the 2 big ones on the second page,where he is helping her off the quad and where she is looking up at him.

I'm off to camp tomorrow, so have a good weekend and I will check out your blogs when I get back (:

38/52 pages complete


  1. Very nice! I love the background paper -- the wheels are perfect for the quad theme. And, much as Codie is being driven nuts by Azelyn now, I'm sure when he looks back at these pages in the future he'll remember fondly those days. This is an excellent keepsake you are making for your family! Want to do mine??

  2. I looooove them Jenn! Both spreads are just awesome, I think you're right about this paper pack, it is GORGEOUS!!! I really like the button details you added, and the journaling blocks are great, too! P.S. I finally got around the whole Blogger-not-letting-me-comment thing by using Google Chrome - who knew?

  3. Beautiful layouts...I love this workshop kit! The paper is perfect for your pictures! Very nice!!